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VCLSkin™ is a component used to create skinnable user interfaces for Delphi/C++Builder applications. Extremely easy to use, simply place the component on the Main Form and Vclskin will skin the entire application with no need for source code modification.

VCLSkin is the leader in its field, supporting most third-part controls in the market, VCLSkin provides support for more 3rd-party controls than any other component of its kind.

Over 1000 registered users in the world!
You can get thousands skin files now!

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DotNetSkin is skin component for .NET WinForm Application , With DotNetSkin developer can create professional skin user interfaces without coding efforts. Just put one component, DotNetSkin will skin all forms and controls in your .NET WinForm application.

There are 66 skin files available.

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Vclskin Delphi XE6 Released
Vclskin Delphi XE5 Released
Vclskin Delphi XE3 Released
Vclskin Delphi XE2 Released
Vclskin Updated 7/15/2009 Tested with Windows 7
Dotnetskin update 06/18/2008, version 2.01.1
BDS2006 BDS2007 Support .
Vclskin Skinbuilder 6.0
Update Dotnetskin Skin Builder
Upload BilleniunEffect Demo
Microsoft Zune Skin
Add Office2007 style skin (9/25/2006):
Office 2007



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