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Visual Style msstyles File Converter

msstyles Converter is to create VCLSkin skin file from Xp visual style (*.msstyles), It can convert 80% themes file. if you find image is bad, you can export the msstyles image to BMP or PNG file, repair them in image editor.

Download msstyles converter

Start work

1. Open msstyles file.
2. Select color in combobox
3. Click convert button, vclskin file saved in 'vclskin' folder.

Export Image

if you found image is bad in vclskin file, export these file from theme file for image editor.

1. Right-Click preview image, select "Export Image" ,open Export window.
2. Select image by checkbox.
3. Input image order, for example, the image frame is 5, the export image may be "1 2 3 4 5 6" ,"2 3 1" or others.
4. before save image, you can preview image.





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